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JamRock 2023
01—03 June 2023 Letohrad, Czechia
Slavnosti Olomouc 2023
02—03 June 2023 Olomouc, Czechia
Rychtář Fest 2023
03 June 2023 Hlinsko, Czechia
Pekelný Ostrov 2023
07—08 July 2023 Holýšov, Czechia
Keltská Noc Harrachov 2023
10—12 August 2023 Harrachov, Czechia
Magmafest 2023
11—12 August 2023 Jihlava, Czechia

Tři sestry

Tři sestry is a Czech punk band. Some of their later material has fallen into a more general rock genre, and they have also dabbled in hardcore punk. They are one of the most popular rock bands in the country and have played at the Masters of Rock music festival in 2005 and 2011. The band's main songwriter, lead singer, and best-known member of the band is Lou Fanánek Hagen, whose real name is František Moravec. The other current members of the band are Veronika "Supice" Borovková, Tomáš "Ing. Magor" Doležal (bass), Ronald Seitl (guitar), Zdeněk Petr (guitar), Rostislav "Rosťa" Cerman (guitar), Petr "Bubenec, Franta Vrána" Lukeš (drums), and Martin "Jaroušek" Roušar.